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Facebook Game Hacks » Zombie Tsunami Hack Tool v1.5


game details


Zombie Tsunami Hack Tool v1.5 HAS ARRIVED!


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We are glad you, to announce, that zombie tsunami hack is here! No more waiting ! Zombie tsunami hack v1.5 ! We will try in this article to speak about the game in a few paragraphes and then to talk about the hack, because we have many things to say about it! Is a hole story “behind the scenes” , so… let`s start!

Zombie tsunami is a lovely game. Many many people play this game! It can be played on android platform or on a iOS platform. Many of my friends are playing this game on a iPhone, which have an iOS platform.

So…The game is pretty simple, you begin on a 2D “platform” and you must tap o the screen to run with your zombies. In the beggining you have 1-2-3 zombies in which you must eat people.

When you eat a people, he will be transformed on a zombie, and you will have more zombies. By eating humans, you recieve brains, and on the final screen will appear a simple table which will show you all your brains collected before, and collected on the moment when you finished the trip.

With time, when zombies are running on the field, you can collect coins. With coins you can upgrade powers, you can start with more zombies or you can buy hats for zombies.

Hats are very funny, cannibal hat or sailor hat or many many others. You can collect powers , or you can upgrade powers. When you find a box, with a question mark on it, you will get a power! That power will transform you zombies. Are different powers.

The tsunami power is the powerfull one, with it, nobody can destroy you, you can travell and smash EVERYTHING! Or you can transforms your zombies to gold, and destroy almost everything. Are many many powers and is very addictive !

With time, when you get sufficient number of brains, you can scratch a  ticket and recive bonuses or powerup or sometimes… nothing.

hack details

So… We`ve promised you to tell our story behind this amazing hack. Zombie tsunami hack got forged in a morning on 6 AM ! But before, on the previous day we`ve played zombie tsunami like 3 hours before, and we were addicted to this game. So my girlfriend came to me on the 22 PM night, to call me out for a trip.

So i said no because i was playing zombie tsunami 2 with me 3 friend in the same room, and was maximum fun, and my girlfriend get upset… I didn`t care about that night, because i was needing like 3k coins more, for buying a hat, so… with this idea, we invented this hack. To have how many brains and coins you need, on everytime you need without loosing your girlfriend !

zombie tsunami hack

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Zombie tsunami hack is using a simple method. The game isn`t online, so we can bypass the apk very simple… So it was a simple move… It takes up to 1 hour with finalization. Not much… You can choose your platform. You can check your status and automatic detect device if you can`t click on needed platform.

You can use our option by unlocking all items and using our protection system. Proxy one or Anti-Ban measure ! And of course you will can add how many brains and coins you need ! Activate the hack and enjoy!

Features for Zombie Tsunami Hack :


  • Zombie Tsunami Hack new platform added.
  • Zombie Tsunami Hack Android Platform latest version.
  • Zombie Tsunami Hack iOS Platform latest version.
  • Zombie Tsunami Hack Detect Device option.
  • Zombie Tsunami Hack status appearance.
  • Zombie Tsunami Hack can add UNLIMITED Brains!
  • Zombie Tsunami Hack can add UNLIMITED Coins !
  • Zombie Tsunami Hack can UNLOCK ALL !
  • Zombie Tsunami Hack Proxy protection system measure.
  • Zobmie Tsunami Hack Anti-Ban Measure.
  • Zombie Tsunami Hack : Version 1.5


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