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Software : Pixel Gun 3d Hack v.3.3.1.

Category :  This hack is availbale for iOS or Android.

Connection Type : You need use one USB cable and connectiong your device at your  desktop or laptop.

Release : 2014

Compatibillity : Android 4.0 or bigger and iOS 5.0 or up .


Pixel Gun 3d Hack v.3.3.1 work on devices which use  iOS or Android for operating system . Download  Pixel Gun 3d Hack ( link is below) , and get it now a tons of money , gold , and more items . You can have unlimited gold , unlimited money,  you can unlock all boards and all characters .

If you want to use the hack you need connect your device in one USB spot using one USB cable , and keep it connected until the hack will send to you your items.

Step two : You need open the hack , tick “IOS” or “Android” depends of which operating system use you device . After you need pres “Connect USB” because the hack need write your device .

Next step : now you can have tons os money ( max: 9999999999 ) , gold  ( max : 9999999999 ).

Last Step : Now you can press “Start Hack!” you will need to wait a few couples of seconds , and  all items will sent in your Pixel Gun 3d .

Version 3.3.1. is more easy to use , work faster and have new options .

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This hack is a executable format and requiers only one  simple installing . After this one simple installation, the icon of hack will appear at your desktop or in your chosen destination for download / install.


- download and install Pixel Gun 3d Hack  3.3.1. to your desktop or laptop;

- open Pixel Gun 3d Hack ;

- connect your mobile ( device ) with one USB cable in one USB spot to your desktop or laptop where you downloaded and installed Pixel Gun 3d Hack 3.3.1 ;

-  keep it connected ,select which resources ( money , gold  ) will be added ;

- press start hack ;

- enjoy the game !


  • Pixel Gun 3d Hack can add  unlimited money !
  • Pixel Gun 3d Hack can add unlimited gold !
  • Pixel Gun 3d Hack is presented in one new version !
  • Pixel Gun 3d Hack 3.3.1 run faster and is more easy to use !


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