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Android & iOS Game Hacks » Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack Tool v2


Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack Tool


game details


Overview : Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack.  This time we present you ace fishing wild catch hack ! Is easy and free to use, but first let`s talk about the game. We found some interesting things on a wiki, so we can paste them here, i know are not so important, but we need to write about everything.Your objective is to get the fish EXHAUSTED, after which you will be able to easily reel in and capture the fish. Mind you, the distance between you and the fish is not an indicator of how tired the fish is. The rarer and bigger the fish, the further it will swim away and the more pulls it will need before getting exhausted.

Fishing Rods. Unless you are using your basic rod, all the other rods require repair every 20 uses. Rods have special properties, which increase the damage in certain fishing locations. You can reset a fishing rod properties by getting a property reset ticket a treasure chest (golden ones preferably).

Lure. There are 3 tiers or lure for each fishing location. Common, Rare and High-End. Common lures do not increase the chances of catching rare fishes, but do increase your efficiency in a particular fishing location, so they are indeed better than the basic lure, although it’s not explained how. Rare and High-End lure increase both the rarity fish catching chances and the big fish catching chances.

hack details

 Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack Tool


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This hack is pretty different, it`s a little bit higher. It have more and more commands and much more instructions, but we will teach you to use this hack and every hack on this site. Don`t forget to download this hack si completly FREE ! So, let`s begin.

In the first moment , let`s talk about the simple structure of upper elements. This mean all : “file, edit and more”

Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack have many options, let`s begin with the first.

File option, with it you can select a new project, or to create one when load in the game. Edit one is to edit the current project, or to edit the current resources. The view option contains the viewable point for editing all this elements, you will see this when you will download this hack. Version option, we put this in hack, for view the latest options and features for the current option.

Tool have many new tools, like more resource adder, or another proxy system. The help tab will show you a little pop up will all informations and asked questions about the game and the hack. The window mode will help you to view on the window or screen mode. When you press “window” it will switch and will be writen “screen” in front of window. Download and see what`s about.

The exit option is for finishing the threads and all continuable opretions. Press exit when the hack is running. Then press X, to close it.

Ace fishing wild catch hack



 Features :


  •  Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack has new META !
  •  Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack new interface and structure.
  •  Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack new features for resource adder.
  •  Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack new settings for proxy and anti-ban measures.
  •  Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack new proxies.
  •  Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack latest version.
  •  Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack 2 different devices.
  •  Ace Fishing Wild Catch Hack new progressbar for the interface.


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